Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8 ways to keep your life organized

Our lives are becoming busier every day and the amount of information around us is multiplying at an astonishing rate, so how can all of this information be managed? How do you keep track of what and when you need to do?

One way would be to use Smart Diary Suite. Please let me show a few ways how it can help you cope with your day-to-day activities:

1) Use the Life Factors to monitor how things that happen to you and around you affect your inner and outer self. They are part of the Diary, so describe your day while you're there - it makes a very interesting read a few years down the track!

2) For the multitude of appointments (e.g.: doctor's, car service, concert tickets, etc...) why not use the Schedule - it can accommodate all of those and more and it will even e-mail you to make sure you don't miss that important event!

3) Most of us have some global tasks that need to be planned and done (e.g.: planning a vacation, cleaning out the garage, writing a blog, etc...), but that don't have a specific date (although they could, if you wanted to) - use the Tasks feature for those. It'll quickly show you what's been done and what still lays ahead.

4) As you move along life, you may come across bits and pieces of information, web sites, newspaper articles and whatever else that may trigger your interest and you'd want to keep for later. The Notes feature will let you do that - just copy and paste whatever you need and organize as you please.

5) Love to eat? Love to cook? Well, use Nutrition to keep track of your favorite recipes and their nutritional values and it'll even let you make a shopping list!

6) Do you have friends, business contacts or relatives? Do you remember all their birthdays, anniversaries, their kid's birthdays and other special dates? Well, it's not easy, frankly, but Contacts will help you and will allow you to set reminders, so that you never miss those events.

7) If you suffer from chronic pain or pulled a muscle during a workout you can easily track that using the Pain Map - see if you start seeing relevance to pain spikes and life factors!

8) Sometimes we need to take medication, some of us more than others. To keep track of what you need to take and when, use the Medication feature - set reminders and it'll do it's best to make sure you don't miss that pill!

These are just some of the way SDS can help you organize your life.

To learn more, visit the website or let's discuss it here.

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