Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Many Features Of PIM Software

PIM (Personal Information Management) software is a relatively new method of recording the day's events and one's thoughts. It is much like keeping a daily diary or journal, but has many added features that one could not get by recording this information in a paper journal.

PIM Software can be used to record special events such as birthdays or anniversaries and have one's self sent a reminder via email or SMS text message in the future to ensure that one does not "forget" the event. This feature alone can prove very useful for maintaining family harmony.

This software can also be used to record appointments scheduled during the day and set to remind one when the appointment time approaches. This can be especially useful in the case of medical appointments or scheduling meetings with clients and potential clients at work.

One can record information such as medications taken and what time, then add information about how the medications affected the body. This software can then generate a graph or chart that shows the correlation between the time of taking medications and their effectiveness throughout the day, as well as any impairment that may result from side effects.

In addition to all of these features, one can simply record events as they happened during the day in much the same way one would keep a regular diary or journal. The data does not have to be used for anything other than a way to remind one's self of day to day activities when one looks back at the entries in the future, or simply as a way to record one's thoughts and feelings about events.

One can also use PIM software to keep track of new contacts, both personal and business, and record all pertinent information about them such as address, phone number(s), etc. This information can then be exported to one's address book or computerized contact list for future reference.

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