Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yet another update for your favorite PIM software - Smart Diary!

Yes, a new version is out - the number is 4.7.2 and it includes a few new things and some fixes for stuff that wasn't working as it should (as reported by you!) - please keep your suggestions and ideas coming!

For the release notes see this thread:!


  1. Hello Dennis,
    It's Dr. Jenn Rae writing to you; I can't sort out how to contact you anymore. I was in email contact with you before last year. I'm trying to import your program from my PC to my Mac (which runs PC programs via a program called Parallels) - but I thought the easiest thing would be to download another version. I did post a positive review on the website as part of a review for Franklin Covey's dismal program PlanPlus). It should be posted soon (I think they have to approve them first). Please let me know how I can download the program; it isn't clear on the Smart Diary Suite site how to take advantage of Offer #1.

    1. Hi Jenn, just updating this entry here to say that I've replied to you via email previously.